Hardesty House garden

Our goal is to support women who want to be intentional about

  • Their growth in Christ-like character
  • The discovery of their God-given gifts
  • The expression of obedience to Christ in daily life


  • Hardesty House has an atmosphere of grace and encouragement.
  • It is a place to live in the light in relationships with God, self and others.
  • We have a commitment to our own health and growth in Christlikeness.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in our lives as we actively engage in the process.
  • We have faith for glorious outcomes as we solidly place our hope in God despite contrary circumstances.
  • We choose to seek first (in time and priority) the Kingdom of God.
  • We allow Jesus’s life to flow through us so we can creatively bless and serve others with joy.


Hardsty House